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In the age of the image, we believe in the power of meaningful audio.

Netflix for the ears

People's visual senses are bombarded. We need to provide a different sensory stimulus.

Podcasts have gone mainstream. Now it's all about differentiation through storytelling, personality and sound experience.

Podcast listeners are consuming 6+ hours per week

There were 133,171 new shows in Apple Podcasts in June 2020

Podcast ad revenue is expected to hit $515 million in 2020.

Our mission

As a leading podcast studio, we believe in the transformative power of stories.

We exist to share stories that inform, entertain and delight people in order to help them make sense and enjoy the world around them.

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Our work 

With a proven track record of working with multi-formatted audio concepts, we produce some of the world's top podcasts. We’ve helped bring diverse global voices to the podcast space including one of Asia's forefront shows, Crazy Smart Asia, produced the world's leading innovation show, Innovators, and the hottest new climate show on the podcast scene; Climate Curious by TEDxLondon. 

Featured live onstage at

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Our approach

Talk to us, we’ll listen. We work closely with each client to bring their podcast to life. Whether you’re looking for production support or you’re wanting to fully amplify your story, every project we work on is bespoke.

With expertise in sound production and marketing combined, we can oversee the whole podcast process from start to finish – from conception, talent booking, scripting, recording to editing and distributing and finally through to promotion online.

The team

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Josie Colter, Co-Founder and Podcast Studio Director

Josie's primary focus is unearthing the stories that have shaped people and business as we know it today. She is interested in the impact that remarkable individuals have across a wide spectrum – including business, beauty, anthropology, commerce, branding, sustainability and technology. Josie produces hit shows including Crazy Smart Asia and Climate Curious, and directs the podcast studio to create end-to-end shows, from early inception to an expertly produced professional brand and product.

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Ben Beheshty, Co-Founder and Sound Director

Ben's expertise lies in creating the highest quality audio experiences. He is a London-based music producer, specialising in all aspects of record making from producing to recording, mixing, and the final mastering. As a live sound engineer who has toured internationally for many years, there is not an audio challenge Ben has not solved. He is interested in helping podcasters use sound as a transformative tool for audience engagement, as opposed to a technical challenge to be overcome.

If you’d like to chat to us about podcast creation, production or publishing, or if you’re a content creator with a killer podcast idea, get in touch with our team today.

*send us your favourite podcasts! We love discovering new shows.

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